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How I Inspire Can Inspire and Motivate Your Group and Yourself
August 26, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by I Inspire
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Sometimes a group can get into a rut. Years of working together and struggling toward the same goals can create comfort zones and narrow the perspectives of people both individually and collectively. Groups can also fall into dysfunction and even capable leaders can lack insight on how to work it all out.

In such cases, a group can fall short of maximizing its potential.

You can say the same of individuals. Life can get overwhelming and intimidating, preventing you from achieving all that you can.

Professional inspirational speakers can make a huge difference in the life of an individual or an entire organization. We have important life stories and experiences and understand that sharing them makes a difference. As a speaker, I enjoy the fact that my story can turn one life around or help a business move in the right direction again.

A Life Story of Overcoming Struggle

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Leon R. Walker Jr. I proudly served my country in the United States Navy for over three decades. During that time, I was deployed 11 times to the Persian Gulf in the cause of freedom.

But my tale did not commence there.

It started on the mean streets of Cleveland. I grew up poor but learned some tough lessons about life, sacrifice, and what is truly important in life. I also learned about leadership and finding success. I met some of mankind’s most persistent enemies there well before I enlisted in the military. These included poverty, racism, addiction, and rejection.

Through it all, I learned about resilience, which has helped me to achieve success in life. For me, sharing my story and inspiring others is how I give back and show my gratitude for what I've learned and where that knowledge has brought me.

Inspiration for Organizations

Organizations each have their own culture. Successful entities have an orderly dynamic that promotes creativity and innovation while not losing control of people, processes, or protocol. They function well and most people within them work together cohesively.

Sometimes, however, a group can lose its way. Regardless of whether it is a business, a non-profit, a church, or even a government office, a group can fall into problems. A professional inspirational speaker can help to inspire those in positions of authority to exercise leadership again. Others will better understand the contributions that come from effective teamwork.

I was once broken, just as many individuals and organizations break down. I have a solid track record of using inspiration to motivate organizations by using my personal experiences.

Inspiration for Individuals

Individuals need motivational boosts from time to time as well. While I have spoken successfully at many group events for businesses and other organizations, I also can speak to collections of individuals.

At some point in every person’s life, they reach a seemingly overwhelming challenge. I design my presentation to teach principles through my own personal life examples. I faced demons and enemies both inside and out and triumphed. My story has helped thousands to find inspiration and motivation in their own life too.

Individuals can take these stories along with the timeless principles they support and use them effectively when they themselves hit that life-defining challenge.

For those who cannot attend my presentations, I have written some of my most important life lessons and related principles in my book Broken.

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